Leader: Grimbolt Dax
A clan who embrace new tech: cybernetic technology
Cyber enhanced telepathic abilities make them stealth specialists.
Recognisable by their enhancements.

Grimbolt Dax coveted technology wherever he went. He valued it more than any money or drug, and frequently he targeted research outposts than supply routes. The other gangs saw his group as weak, pathetic - capable of only attacking defenseless scientists and researchers. His fascination with technology led him to stumbling into the A/A Hara Research and Development Facility, an abandoned science center in Kerano-F2. Inside, he found the facility was still guarded by robots and automated defences. Unable to explore further, he retreated - hoping to get back with more men to deal with the security.

By the time he got back to the Rim, the Space Reavers had already fallen apart. The Raven Corps had kicked the other members out of the Reaver’s base, along with Grimbolt’s gang. They made their way back to Kerano where they fought off the automated security and established the facility as their hideout.

The A/A Hara Research and Development Facility was originally built inside a cave system running underneath a large mountain peak that gave it its name. The goal of the facility was to build the future of mankind and create the technology of tomorrow without restraints, either moral or technical. It welcomed some of the most gifted scientists across the Six Galaxies, who plumbed the depths of many experimental technological fields. Their research in advanced cybernetics and psionic simulators has led them to highly sophisticated technology that has never before been seen. To Grimbolt, this was a gold mine. He, along with the 16 surviving members of his group, began working. They began kidnapping scientists, engineers, and mechanists to work the facility, hiding the tech they discovered from them. Later on, they unearthed a functioning genetic replication and cloning facility underneath the building. There, Grimbolt began producing clones from the genetic database stored inside. Slowly but surely, Grimbolt had himself an army of obedient clones, which they have come to call themselves ‘The Hive’.

He outfitted his soldiers with cybernetic enhancements and psionic weaponry. They were harder, stronger, and faster than a regular person and their psionic weapons allowed them to finish a fight without having to raise their arm. They can debilitate their enemies by messing with their head, weakening their combat capabilities. They are also capable of producing psychic fire or “Pyrokinesis” as a means of defense against non-humanoid enemies such as androids and robots. Their cybernetics also allow them to cloak themselves for a prolonged period of time, allowing them to sneak through well-guarded facilities and steal technology and information from other groups.

Grimbolt’s greed for technology fueled his desire to raid again, proving to the other clans that he was more than capable of launching successful raids without alerting anyone. The Hive’s stealthy nature meant that encountering them was a rare ordeal, but anyone carrying priceless tech meant getting a visit from them. They move in and out like ghosts, leaving little trace. They avoid conflict as much as they can but they’re more than capable of overwhelming the enemy with their technology.

The Hive’s clones are the most uniformed and well organized clan among the Space Reavers. They wear little armour, relying on getting past the enemy without alerting too much attention. Their special suits allow them to cloak themselves almost indefinitely, only detectable by certain tech. Their psionic receptors attached on their head is their main weapon, while their cybernetic enhancements allow them to easily scale up walls, outrun opponents, and engage in melee. They bring with them a variety of tools that aid them in their mission, from grappling hooks to EMP darts. They travel from Kerano using modified TENGU Class-D Transports. Originally, the TENGU was used for transporting minerals and other materials but now has been modified to work on a MirageX Module, a special device that allows the TENGU to disguise itself as another ship of a similar size or camouflage itself in the environment. The TENGU uses Kalowski-Papas Jettison Civilian Engines, a modified plasma cutter (a tool commonly used for mining), along with medium armour plating. The TENGU is more of a transport than a fighter, as such, it is rarely used in combat.