Leader: Gal Gebra
A fearsome clan celebrated for their piloting skills.
Smash and grab specialists.
Rabble uniform.

Probably one of the most ruthless and reckless of the Clans, the Raven Corps sow terror in space with their talents for dogfights and customized ships. A highly organized and deadly gang of raiders, the Raven Corps control what is left of the Space Reaver’s old base on the Rim, using it as a haven for criminals and refugees who wish to run away from their home planets. They also control all sorts of nefarious criminal activities that goes on around the Rim, from drug running to prostitution. While by outside appearances the Raven Corps seem content with their lot, the gang’s penchant for treachery and murder is alive and well, and the underneath the new leadership of Vexx Grim, they are collaborating with Lord Zieg to conquer the Koronium rich planet of Eth.

Prior to being integrated into the Blackwings, the Raven Corps were the talented star fighters of the Space Reavers. Their lot was known for attacking more powerful fleets using their customized ships and reckless tactics. They would sometimes sacrifice a few of their own ships and crash them into the enemy, causing chaos and fear as the enemy pilots try their best to avoid the mayhem caused by the Corps. The Raven Corpse have just one rule: never betray the clan. Everything else is permitted. Apparently the viciousness of the Raven Corps appealed to Vexx Grim, seeking them out when he had heard that the Space Reavers had fallen apart.

Gal Gebra, the most talented among them, was known for his role in kicking out the other clans from their old Space Reaver base. He believes that the others have betrayed the original philosophy of the Space Reavers; and he, along with those who decided to follow him, see themselves as the last surviving members of the original Space Reavers. They continued to raid and pillage the trade routes, even coming up against better armed and organized ships. Their confidence in their actions are brought about by their reliance on their highly customized ships, capable of outspeeding and outclassing even the more modern of interceptors and fighters. For a while, they were content in their existence - raiding trade fleets from the general safety of their original base. Money continuously flows into their pockets thanks to the drug trade, prosititution, and protection that they provide to criminals all around the Six Galaxies.

But to the Raven Corps, they were never really content with what they had. They wanted to expand, find new markets, relive the days when the universe feared the Space Reavers. One day, their nostalgic longing came true. A mysterious man named Vexx Grimm came upon their doorstep, presenting himself as a deserter and disgraced pilot of the Nohirian Army. He brought with him new techniques, new technologies that would let them expand their activities - and the promise of a new sought resource: Koronium. Vexx had managed to stir the fires inside Gal and the Raven Corps. With his help, he upgraded their ships to have stealth capabilities - creating the first fleet of Blackwings.

The Raven Corps (and to an extent, the Blackwings) maintain their old Space Reaver apparels: ragged clothes, old space force uniforms, and raider armour. After their integration in the Blackwings, they have slowly adapted more modern apparel fit for space battles while keeping the insignia of the Space Reavers sewn on their clothing. The Blackwings use a modified version of the EVICTUS-77 D-Class Light Interceptor, outfitted with a dangerous model of the Parallax Jettison Engine B-2, capable of performing short jump drives and powerful afterburner thrusts, outspeeding most aircraft in the 41st Century. Their ships carry twin rapid capacitor laser gatling guns, capable of tearing through Ionized shields within seconds at the expense of range. The Blackwings use a prototype cloaking engine call, called the EHC plating, which makes it invisible and soundless, unable to be detected even by powerful telemetry but at the cost of having lighter armour. While the EHC is active, the Blackwing’s Ion armour is disabled, making them extremely vulnerable to enemy fire. While on the ground, the Blackwings are equipped with small arms - ranging from pistols to sub-machine guns. Although better in the air than on the ground, the Blackwings are good for infiltrating enemy positions. Their experiences of being criminals allow them to take on disguises, siphoning information before they plan their attacks.