Leader: Draco Genus
Ghost cloud dwellers and worshipers of the Vortex, a powerful concentration of dark matter that transcends universes.
They draw power from this other realm and use witchcraft as a tool.
The clan wear runes and embellishments on their clothing that give them special battle powers.

Beyond the Ghost Clouds of the Rim lies the Vortex, a concentration of dark matter that surrounds the Six Galaxies. It has been theorized that the electrical repulsion properties of the Ghost Clouds is what separates the Vortex from the Six Galaxies. If the Rim were to disappear, dark matter would pour into the known universe and consume everything in it like a blackhole. People living in the Rim are aware of the danger that poses in residing extremely near the Vortex. No one knows exactly for sure what happens when someone falls into the Vortex because no one has returned from doing so. They have learned to fear and respect the eternal darkness that neighbors them.

One day, a mentally disturbed and psychopathic raider named Draco Genus, hears voices calling for him from beyond the Rim. Failing to ignore them he is eventually broken, convinced to seek them out, he ventures into the void. He was sucked in immediately, pulled into a strange dark universe. There he met himself… infinite versions of himself calling out his name. There he discovered that the voices were his own, and they foretold the grim secret of the universe before expelling him back out of the Vortex. He awoke to find himself at his bed, as if he awoke from a bad dream. But it was no dream, Draco discovered that he had strange powers. He could temporarily phase himself out of the world, rendering him invulnerable, similar to the effects of travelling through a Chronostop. While he was phasing out, he could communicate with the versions of himself. They told him that he could not accomplish his quest alone, and that he needed followers to help him.

He managed to convince other members of the Space Reavers who were suffering from the ravages of war to follow him into the Vortex. Slowly, he had himself a group of devout followers, all with the same powers as he did. They believe that they are all destined to fulfil the prophecy of the Vortex. Draco and his followers slowly distanced themselves from the rest of the Reavers, keeping their strange powers hidden from them. They knew what would happen in the years that would follow. When the Space Reavers collapsed, Draco and the others immediately disappeared without a trace. They took with them various weapons, tools, ships, and resources. No one knows where they have gone, and their base still remains a mystery until today.

For years, Draco and the other raiders seem to have disappeared from the world until one day they made themselves known. Their numbers have grown mysteriously, triple than what they originally were. At the start of the 41st Century, they attacked a settlement in the Ranos star system. They killed everyone that they could find and unearthed an ancient tomb and secured an artifact before disappearing again. Survivors of the attack describe them as ghosts, or wraiths. They screamed profanities and almost gibberish howls while they were attacking. Similar attacks happened throughout the surrounding star systems, earning them the nickname of “Heretic Wraiths.”

No one knows what these Heretic Wraiths want, as their attacks seem random and abrupt at most. They would steal items, attack settlements, or even appear randomly without any clear reason. As such, the intergalactic police have never captured a Wraith alive. The only thing they know is that Ghost Clouds are left behind whenever a Wraith phases out. The police believe that they may have a deeper connection to the Rim.

Psychopaths with inter-dimensional powers are something that people should generally avoid. No one can prevent a Wraith attack from happening, and a grim cloud of mystery surrounds Draco and his followers. One thing is for sure, the conquest of Gataxia by Lord Zieg has triggered a series of sporadic attacks from the Wraiths. They are dangerous and should not be fought.

Not much is known about the Wraiths. They wear a set of medium armour from an unknown origin. They decorate themselves with tattoos and runes of mysterious symbols. These insignias seem to give them the power to weave around the dark matter found in the world, phasing themselves out or creating portals similar to Chronostops out of nothing as well as a variety of different powers. They use sets of different weapons, ships, and vehicles, assumed to be looted or raided. Their motivations are still a mystery, and it’s unlikely that they will be sharing their secrets anytime soon.