Leader: None
This loose collective of bounty hunters are loyal to themselves only. Trust no-one is their motto.
Ruthless and cunning, forming loose alliances when the size of the reward dictates it.
In fighting and deaths are common ground in the cesspool of villainy.

After the Space Reavers broke apart in the 41st Century, many of its members were left without any central authority or organization. There were members who were left disenfranchised by the difficulty of coping, along with the creeping approach of intergalactic civilizations and trade empires. They saw their raiding past impossible to maintain after the establishment of the IntranArk Trade Federation. The centralized authority of intergalactic trade meant more systematic protection of trade routes, even for the smaller and vulnerable trading companies.

A majority of the original members joined up with the various clans that separated and formed their own leadership and direction. However, there were still a number of Space Reavers who did not trust the leadership of the few, instead they have formed a loose collective. The spirit of anarchism flowed in the remaining members, unapologetic of any governing body or authority figure. While the rest of their brethren went off to join new gangs, the Marauder Coven was formed to act as the alternative.

The Coven members valued individual liberty as opposed to gang unity. The only thing that kept them together as a group was their love for money - the prospect of SATS from the galactic empires and trade federations meant that they had found a new line of work in the 41st Century: Bounty Hunting. The Marauder Coven formed a centralized line of communication, meant to distribute bounty missions towards its members. Each bounty hunter had the opportunity to choose a mission for themselves or split it with other members should the work prove too difficult for a lone Marauder. However, money corrupts even the most pure of men and women. As such, the Marauder Coven learn to trust no one, not even themselves. Conflict within its own membership is common as competition became the driving force of disagreements and bloodshed. Money is their god and bounty hunting is their way of worship.

While they are the smallest (and probably least organized) group amongst the fractured Space Reaver clans, they have one of the most talented fighters known across the Six Galaxies. The most notable of them is the Veradian bounty hunter, Godrick, who forced out the large criminal families of Planet Verada. Many people praise him, thinking he is a hero - but Godrick knows this is far from what he is. The bounty on each head was too good to pass up. He wasn’t as interested in stopping the prevalent crime in his home planet. However, the popularity of the “Iron of Verada” made sure that the best bounties were always on his way. If only he could stop throwing away his money after every successful bounty.

Membership into the Coven is easy. They’re only looking for two things: 1). Be good at shooting and 2). Be good at chasing. Most targets typically run off to the remotest, deserted pockets of the galaxy, with some chases lasting years just for a single contract. While there are bounties that would rather shoot their way out. The Coven typically looks for members that can carry their own weight as they provide no protection, nor obligation to help out any of its members if they are cornered. Death is a common occurrence, but the rewards are impassible. Only a fool would turn down 100,000 SATS for capping some smug who decided to steal trade secrets.

The Marauder Coven doesn’t have any strict rules about uniformity or weapon usage. Each member has different ways of approaching and dealing with their targets. The only way one can tell they’re a member of the Coven is through their bounty hunting licenses. Many planets don’t appreciate unregulated bounty hunting as it leads to crime and corruption. The Marauder Coven still have to (loosely) follow the interplanetary laws of the places they decide to hunt in.