Leader: Gravis Maximus
Celebrated and feared in equal measure. This fearsome clan sells their services to the highest bidder.
Well organised and drilled in all types of warfare.
Specialists in all types of weaponry.
Uniformed and regimented.

The Lupus Brigade is somewhat of a professional army, but they are neither professionals nor an army. They are a violent mercenary outfit, for whom no job is too brutal to undertake. They see themselves as better than the common raider, embracing new world ideas of organization, military drilling, and extensive use of advanced weaponry. As a result, The Lupus Brigade claim to be soldiers for hire, they have a well-earned reputation throughout the Six Galaxies for being a highly-militarized gang of thugs with combat training considered equivalent to a planetary army, according to Godrick. Aggressive and fiercely territorial, the Lupus Brigade are guaranteed to attack anyone who wanders into an area they've claimed as their own or paid to guard. They are well equipped and well organized, and a group of Brigadiers always include high-tech weaponry and robotics, something that a simple raider would be too dumb to use.

Years before the Lupus Brigade was formed, their group was part of the Space Reavers. Gravis’ gang, the original members of the Brigade, were perhaps one of the most fearsome groups at that time. They were unafraid of attacking more organized groups such as army supply lines or guards of arms shipments. They seized weapon caches, giving them better firepower compared to the other clans of Space Reavers. As well as equipping themselves with combat armour, powersuits, heavy infantry apparel, and tactical wear.

Brigadier tactics involve splitting the clan into smaller divisions, with mixed infantry squads supporting the main division. The main division, commonly called The Lobo, is composed of the more veteran of soldiers. They take the bulk of the damage, tanking the attack of their enemies while the lighter and greener members, called The Garras, try to surround and flank the enemy while they’re focused on the main division. Forcing their enemy to stretch their lines thin, giving the Lobo a perfect opportunity to break through their line and scatter them, finishing anyone that survives the main charge. They apply the same tactics in space battles, using a mix of light interceptors and heavy fighters to break the enemy’s formation.

Gravis Maximus, the leader of the Lupus Brigade, is a man to be feared. He is supposedly an army deserter, running off into the Rim to escape getting court martialed for a heinous crime involving the destruction of his own unit. Gravis used the Ghost Clouds to evade the army chasing after him, and once they were lost in the Rim, Gravis destroyed all of them single handedly. Earning him the respect of the nearby Space Reavers who were observing the skirmish. They invited him to their group afterwards, where he eventually rose through the ranks and formed his own gang among the other army deserters or disgraced soldiers. Gravis used his own experiences as a military officer to train new recruits and establish his gang.

After the collapse of the Space Reavers before the start of the 40XX, Gravis believed that the time for piracy and raiding needed to end. However, he could no longer come back to the planet he ran away from. He formed the Lupus Brigade, his own mercenary company built from the recruits he trained personally. Within a few years, the Lupus Brigade became a popular choice for mercenary work, be it handling weapon shipments or intimidating rival companies. Gravis may look like a well dressed military officer but deep inside the wolf of his past howls for battle.

Lupus Brigade soldiers typically wear an array of medium and heavy armour that they looted from different armies. The Lobo wears heavy armour while the Garras would wear medium to light armour. Their preferred ships are the CLAW-N63 Class 3 (Fighter ships armed with dual plasma blasters, Kalowski-Papas Jettison Type 3 Engines (single core thrusters), and heavy plated armor assisted by Ion shielding) & SLIVER-03 (Fast light interceptor ships with quad laser cannons, Kalowski-Papas Jettison Novalite Engines (double light thrusters), and light plating with SANGUINE Auto Repair modules.)