Leader: Vixen Sleneth
An all female clan made up of the widows and daughters of the great reaping.
Ruthless and skillful warriors, known for their bravery and agility.
Unparalleled skills on speeder bikes make this clan a threat to be feared.
Recognised by their red and black garments.

The Canis Victrix have made their name around the Six Galaxies with their talented trackers and skilled speeders. They are an all female clan, survivors from the Great Reaping that swept the galaxy in the 40th century. Women, mostly widows and/or orphaned daughters, found refuge underneath the leadership of Vixen “Lady V” Sleneth. Who helped the refugees escape Gataxia and into the Ghost Clouds of the Rim.

Before the Space Reavers were formed, the refugees had initial problems with the other inhabitants of the Rim - who were mostly runaway criminals or raiders. Many of them harassed and abused the women, exploiting their vulnerabilities. They were eventually expelled from the Rim before making their way to an abandoned mineral depot on the desert planet of Canis-60. There they built Athena’s Revenge, the first and only All-Woman human colony in Gataxia. Unknown to them, Canis-60 is the hideout of another group - the Salt Walkers led by Graham Walker.

Graham quickly saw the fledgling colony on the planet, hoping to extort them as much they can. First they came for their food, eventually exploiting them through prostitution, until they decided slave trade would be the most profitable. Lady V eventually had enough of people taking advantage of them and she decided to fight back. Using the abandoned mining tools, and a depot full of “Desert Skeeters” or speeder bikes, they formed a militia of women. And when the Salt Walkers visited, they were surprised to see that the mineral depot had fortifications built. Using the laser cutters that were used to slice through the rocks, Lady V and her militia ambushed the Salt Walkers with a hail of laser fire. They sliced through the raiders with precision, chasing them back to the desert with their Desert Skeeters and cutting them down. Lady V managed to track the remainder of Graham’s group and execute them in their own camp. Whatever happened to Graham Walker is still a mystery, but it has been teased that his bones are drying up in the dunes of Canis-60.

Their colony on Canis-60 did not last long. Eventually, the harsh desert planet made it impossible for them to stay there any longer. After two years in complete isolation, Lady V and her militia set off. She knew exactly where to go next. They made their way back to the Rim, where the death of a warlord had left a power vacuum in the area, causing different raider groups to fight for the position. Lady V used this to pull the rug underneath them, eliminating the raiders one by one until there was no one left. When Lady V found the raider who killed her friend Athena years ago, she had his head cut off, scalped, and bolted to the side of her ship. They called themselves Canis Victrix, “Victors of Canis”. They were one of the first original members of the Space Reavers that inhabited the Rim. They fought off anyone who wanted to make their home in the Rim, but eventually their numbers were not enough to fend off the waves of disenfranchised people. They took in women, providing them a safe place within their small community. Lady V eventually made peace with the other inhabitants, seeing them as slightly more agreeable than the previous inhabitants. Soon, the Canis Victrix joined the Space Reavers as one of the only All-Woman raiding bands.

The Victrix specialized in tracking and hit-and-run tactics. They prefer raiding on-ground planetary targets rather than space routes. Their usual targets are isolated factories or depots from the many trade companies in the galaxy. They hit hard and escape quickly before the enemy can ever recover. Their ranks are mostly filled with crackshots and talented trackers, able to scour large areas of terrain to find the enemy. They rely on long range weaponry to take out their enemies from afar, avoiding direct combat as much as possible. The Victrix will always look for weak points in their enemies, exploiting it to their advantage. Because of this, many in the Victrix come from the original colonists of Athena’s Revenge, owing their survivability to a less-than direct tactic.

After the collapse of the Space Reavers at the start of the 41st Century, Lady V made it a mission to rescue other women and make the Victrix a safe haven for any woman looking for safety. She has taught the next generation of Victrix to fight for themselves and help others. While some of their members still have nostalgia for the old days, they now serve as reconnaissance mercenaries for any group who can afford them. Brave and agile; the Canis Victrix will always find a way to be victorious.

Members of the Canis Victrix are known to wear little to no-armour. Instead, they wear desert clothes to honour their origins on Canis-60. Usually, they are dressed in shades of red and black, avoiding loose apparel that would slow them down. They are mostly seen with rifles slung on their back, along with their speeder bikes. Each member has their own personal rifle and bike, all different from each other as they value personal individuality while maintaining conscious unity. The Canis Victrix travel on the Athena, a CONCORD-M11L2 S-Class Transport that houses their ships, weapons, and bikes. They use it as their main base of operation whenever they’re away from the Rim.