In the beginning, there was void. Several millennia passed then rose the Voyagers. In an accelerated juncture of time, the birth of the Outlaws emerged. Pirates, Raiders, and the degenerate scum of the galaxies were ubiquitous.

Most groups found a home on the Rim, the outer edge of the six galaxies. The Ghost Cloud storms concealed their fleets and they avoided detection. Law and Order was absent in space. Control of the open void was a zero-sum game.

The most notorious group were none other than the Space Reavers. Being the only organized Raiders on the Rim, the men and women can hold their own in an altercation, whether in a shootout or in a dogfight. The warrior ferocity they displayed was feared by both the Law and the Lawless alike. A force to be reckoned with, the Reavers left the trading routes of the galaxy in a trail of misery and disaster.

By the beginning of the 41st century, majority of the 6 galaxies were occupied and controlled. Routes were protected by a more centralized force and the reconstruction of the Chronostops made travelling easier. Pirate and Raider attacks faded to space dust as time passed. Civilization had crept closer to the Rim and the Space Reavers knew the age of piracy had ended. After a humiliating defeat in a failed raiding run by a coalition of intergalactic lawmen, they were forced beyond the Rim into the Black. Many members drifted off into hiding and others died. Only a handful of the Space Reavers remained and they needed to find a new purpose in civilization.

The group splintered into two factions. The Oath Reavers vowed to raid until death, while the Novus Reavers chose to rebrand themselves as bounty hunters or mercenaries. They were quickly integrated into private armies, using the name of the Space Reavers to strike fear into anyone that dared cross their path. They were openly accepting of other talented members, even training the young Godrick - who eventually became the Iron of Verada. While the latter were convinced by Vexx Grimm, offering them a place amongst the Blackwings. The Reavers ruthless pilots became a nightmare to the IntranArk Trading Fed.

With war brewing on Planet Eth, the two factions will collide. The Space Reavers were hired by IntranArk to defend their assets on Planet Eth. The Blackwings serve Lord Zieg with the mission to dominate Planet Eth and claim Power. Two worlds will be reunited and the dawn of fate is near…